Saturday, October 1, 2011

Oh! What A Beautiful Morning!! And More,…..

I just hope this evening/tonight are the same. Roll Tide!! This year has just flown by it seems. It is October already. And with it this morning is a chilly 49 degrees.

Don’t forget the Oktoberfest Celebration at St Florian today and tomorrow. The weather will be perfect for it.

An AP article appeared in the TimesFaily entitled, Hispanic students vanish from state schools, You can read it here I would suggest to the author that a more appropriate title might be, Illegal Immigrants Are Fleeing The State. With the new law in effect, if the illegals didn’t have anything to worry about, they wouldn’t leave. In the article, what I read from the writer, he wants you to be sympathetic in their plight to, not get legal, but to continue to live here illegally. As I have said before, I do not have a problem with people from other countries coming here. But I do have a problem when they do not comply with the laws to get legal. If it weren’t for my own grandparents coming from Europe and doing it the right way, I probably wouldn’t be sitting here doing this blog. And the people that continue to say it is racist to try to uphold immigration laws are just plain, for lack of a better term, ignorant. Learn the word racist before you use it incorrectly please.

With a new month, a new champion for last months Shoals Daily Trivia has been crowned. Congrats to Lulu once again for fending off some tough competition from Midnightrider and me!! Yep I finished third last month. But coming in third is just the second loser. Come play with us at Click here to play  Thank all of you for playing each month. Much appreciated.

Here are the Top 10 from September……….

Sep 11
17 players played during the month.

1. lulu (266 points, 7 wins)
2. midknightrider (253 points, 3 wins)
3. OriginalBama (249 points, 2 wins)
4. bamagirl (242 points, 8 wins)
5. janet (219 points, 4 wins)
6. Franny (218 points, 1 wins)
7. am4uofa (210 points, 2 wins)
8. DHS-86 (202 points, 0 wins)
9. Granny (149 points, 0 wins)
10. Honeychild (146 points, 0 wins)

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