Monday, October 10, 2011

Some Pet Peeves,….

While reading posts on facebook, forums and even the TimesFaily articles, I run across errors in English. I am far from an English expert by the way, but I do know how some forms of words are used and misused. Take for instance, their, there and they’re. In all three places mentioned above I have seen these three words misused. Their is a pronoun, which describes a noun. Example, Their food really wasn't that good. For some reason, people insist on using the word there for their in this instance. The word there, I put the food right there, shows location. It is an adverb. Again I’ve seen people misuse the word their in this instance. Which brings me to they’re. It is a contraction of they are. They’re going to eat at the place where we didn’t think their food was that good. I know this is probably being nit-picky but how we type can make us look either educated or having a lack of education. You don’t have to be a Rhodes Scholar to type the correct words,… here is a good way of testing the usage of these words that I found online.

If you wrote there, will the sentence still make sense if you replace it with here? If so, you're using it correctly.

If you chose their, will the sentence still make sense if you replace it with our? If so, you've chosen the correct word.

If you used they're, will the sentence still make sense if you replace it with they are? If so, you're on the right track!

This may not be true in every case, but for the most part it will be. Kind of like the I before e except after c rule doesn't always apply.


Most of you know my (slight) obsession with people parking in the fire lanes at Seven Points Shopping Center,…. The Florence Fire Dept had their trailer parked next to the Dollar General and had something going on for the public. I went to their facebook page but nothing was posted about what they were doing. But anyway, while they were there, guess what. Yep just a few feet from where they had the trailer set up and partitioned off, people continued to park in the firelane. That just amazed me…. and apparently the fire dept didn’t care…..



Oh the list goes on. Sunday leaving Lil Steve’s store on Pine, I’m headed east towards the Sherrod Ave. intersection at Dick Howell’s BBQ. An ambulance driver decided to turn left on Sherrod at the last minute stopping because the light was red. He didn’t have his lights on so he wasn’t on a call. He stops at the light but because he decided to turn late, the backend of the ambulance was in the right hand lane. Stopped. The only way for me to advance was to get into Dick Howell’s parking lot. Which I did. I glance over at the driver and low and behold the guy is texting. Didn’t Florence make a law about that? Was this the reason for his last second decision to turn left of Sherrod?


Probably too much glare to see the phone. It’s the little things that get under my skin.


  1. Yeah...I like to make fun of folks with bad grammar/spelling/punctuation.
    Then I realize I have to make fun of myself, too. :(

  2. Bless you for having your camera handy. I never have mine when needed.