Friday, November 25, 2011

Alabama vs auburn,…. Iron Bowl 2011


Well, this is my pick of the week as all of the other SEC games mean very little. At least in my world. LSU just defeated Arkansas and that’s a good thing. If Arkansas had won, LSU could have dropped to just 2, pushing Alabama down to 3, even if Bama wins at auburn. Thus eliminating Bama’s chance at the title game.

But before Alabama can even think about playing in New Orleans for the national championship, they have to beat the team I like to call, the red headed step children on the Plains.

“Never Again” has become Alabama’s focus as they have this years game with auburn circled on their calendar. Alabama had jumped out to a 24 point half time lead only to see it slip away in the 2nd half. Never again refers to never blowing a lead like that again.

This year the Tide is favored to win, easily. Bama has the top defense in the nation and a possible Heisman winner in Trent Richardson on offense. auburn hasn’t played well against good teams, on either side of the ball. Samford ran all over the tiger defense and many are saying Richardson will have a field day. Toss that notion out the window. This is the Iron Bowl. Anything can and has happened many times to both teams that came in favored. Look for auburn to stack the box on running plays to try to slow Richardson. I’m not sure they can do this all game long though. I’m also not sure auburns offense can be consistent when they have the ball. Bamas defense is good, wicked good. But auburns trickery could get a couple of scores. I feel sure the tigers still have a couple of trick plays they haven’t used all year since their season seems to hinge on the Iron Bowl. Look for a fake flea flicker-reverse-pass back to the quarterback-toss right to the running back-bomb down field play a couple of times. And don’t rule out the old statue of liberty play. A win Saturday will make auburns season. Just knowing they ended Bamas title hopes will cause more toilet paper to be rolled on the auburn campus than ever before, even if they have to find new trees to roll.With all of that nonsense said, Alabama will win, 31-10… Roll Tide Roll!!

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