Saturday, November 12, 2011

Black Thursday? All the more reason to shop mom and pop stores,….

Apparently the big retailers are changing the rules to suit them. Money, money, money is the word of the day and spending time with family and friends has been thrown out the window if you are an employee of one of these stores. Shame on Wal Mart for planning to open at 10pm. Shame on Target, Kohl’s, Best Buy and Macy’s for planning to open at midnight.

This could very well turn into a sort of domino effect. With stores opening earlier for “The Day After Thanksgiving” sales, this will eventually lead to them not closing at all on Thanksgiving day. All because of the almighty dollar.

So what has been a time set aside for family will turn into a shop till you drop day because we all know we have to be the first ones in line to buy those gifts. This is why I hate Christmas. It isn’t fun anymore when you have to fight, scrape, scratch your way to the check out line to make your purchases. You better not leave your buggy either. People will take out your items.

It’s called GREED. I want no part of it. Greed has turned the holidays into an ugly henchbroad time of the year. Greed, plain and simple. But we’ll be the first in line when those doors open, won’t we? I won’t. Will you?

Like the title says, shop the mom and pop stores. They actually care about their employees and their families. All the big box stores care about is profit, at any cost.

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