Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Thoughts On JoePa,….

Fired!,…. The coach who was in his 46th year was fired along with Penn States school president, Graham Spanier for failure to report child sex allegations.
''After all he's done for this school he didn't deserve to go out like this. As students, we respect him so much. We deserve to send him off in the last game,'' Penn State junior Ariel Chavarria said.
While I can certainly see why the Penn St fans and alumni feel this way, the board of trustees did the right thing. Actually it was the only thing they could do. And no Penn St students, fans and alum, you don’t deserve to send JoePa off on a final game. If he had done what he was morally obligated to do, then I’d agree with you. But he didn’t do the right thing. They should have fired assistant coach Mike McQueary too. He saw the incident take place, reported it to Paterno. After nothing was done, he failed in his duty to report the incident to authorities. But. he’ll be on the sidelines Saturday, coaching.
The coach with the most college football victories has lost. Lost respect from the world of college football and beyond. Lost a job that spanned forever it seems. But the real losers are the children that were sexually abused by a Penn St coach and having the knowledge of it swept under a rug.


  1. We don't often agree on football, but I totally agree with you on this one.