Saturday, November 19, 2011

LSU-Alabama Rematch?,….

Thank you Iowa State for upsetting Oklahoma State last night in double over time. That was an exciting game no doubt. It also helped Alabama back into a possible rematch with LSU in the BCS Championship game. Theoretically speaking of course. There is still a lot of football left to play. LSU still has to play Arkansas, Ole Miss and the SEC East winner. Alabama has Georgia Southern and auburn at auburn.

Does Alabama control its own destiny? To a certain extent, yes. They have to win and win in an impressive fashion. But to a certain extent, no, they don’t. One third of the BSC formula is based on computers. Two thirds of the BCS process is human. The Harris and Coaches polls represent the human side of the process. So, two thirds of determining Alabama’s fate will be in the hands of voters. Oregon or Oklahoma could jump Bama in the coming weeks if they win out. Alabama still could make it to the SEC Championship game if LSU stumbles against either Ole Miss or Arkansas. This can really get confusing with the what ifs. But the bottom line is, Alabama has to control the things in which they have control over and not worry about the voters or other teams. Take care of your business, win your games, dominate your opponent. It is all part of the “Process” Roll Tide Roll!!


On a side note, thank you Gene Chizik for leaving Iowa State. I doubt if he had stayed the Cyclones would have won last night, but that’s just my opinion.

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