Sunday, November 20, 2011

Week 12 Results,…..

What a season so far. Total chaos in the college football world as we know it. My prediction way back in July on this blog is looking pretty good at this point. I predicted LSU to be number 1 and Bama 2 for the BCS Championship. I even talked about it to some people. They laughed. I haven’t talked to them recently, but I don’t think they’re laughing now.


I went 7-1 this past week with the lone loss being the Vandy-Tennessee game being decided in overtime. This pushes my record to 62-8. That’s an 88.57% clip. When I started picking games this season, I was hoping for at least a 75% correct picking,…. unless there is a total meltdown, I might achieve that goal.

It is Alabama-auburn week. Alabama has a new sign/slogan. Never again. That doesn’t mean never lose to auburn again. It means never lose to auburn like they did last year. Blowing a huge lead. Never again. RTR!!

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