Friday, December 23, 2011

Game On Florence City Council,….

Well,… the Florence Planning Commission dropped the ball Thursday as it has let the plans for a new, unwanted Walmart advance to the next step. A 7-0 vote by the commission send this to the city council for the annexation of the property. So now this falls into the city councils hands since the planning commissions hands seem to have either been tied or they just didn’t care about local mom and pop stores that have been here for 30 plus years. Stores like Big Star, Northgate Pharmacy, the convenience stores from Petersville to North Florence and any other locally owned mom and pop will suffer because people are brainwashed on shopping at Walmart. I have heard the argument that this new store will create jobs. It will, part time jobs and maybe a few full time. But what about the jobs it takes from layoffs and store closures of the local stores affected by the new Walmart? Many of you know I paint for a living. I work for the public. In 20 plus years, I have never worked for anyone that had a job at Walmart. There is a reason for this. I have however been blessed with work for business owners that own local businesses such as Big Star, pharmacys and other local stores. This is one reason I preach that we support them. They support me, so I have tried to return the favor.
Contact the Florence city council and let them know Florence does NOT NEED another Walmart. Let them know it will hurt local business and possibly close them. It will be sad to drive past Big Star one day and not see a single vehicle in the parking lot. Another empty store because Walmart was allowed to spread its monopoly in Florence.
Florence City Council - Contact the Council
District 1 - Sam Pendleton, Jr.
Telephone (256) 760-6401
Email: Sam Pendleton, Jr.

District 2 - William (Dick) Jordan
Telephone (256) 760-6402
Email: William (Dick) Jordan

District 3 - Hermon T. Graham
Telephone (256) 760-6403
Email: Hermon T. Graham

District 4 - Barry Morris
Telephone (256) 760-6404
Email: Barry Morris

District 5 - James H. Barnhart
Telephone (256) 760-6405
Email: James H. Barnhart

District 6 - Andrew Betterton
Telephone (256) 760-6406
Email: Andrew Betterton

Along with emailing the Florence city council, there is an online petition you can sign. Fill in your name and email address and send. After you do that, you will get another page displayed. The petition site is asking for donations. You can just X out that page. Here is the link,....


  1. What I gather from the City Planning Commission meeting is that this is already a done deal. Since Wal-Mart has enough money and the Barnett estate is for sale, no one can stop this. They call this free market capitalism, but I see it as a world run not by the government but by the best interests of Wal-Mart. Otherwise how can those 7 members listen to 4 hours of dissenting opinion and still vote to approve? My concern is not so much for the city of Florence, it will survive and of course, any new retail in the city limits will likely increase city sales tax revenues (even if only temporarily). I worry about the whole county and Colbert as well, and some of the lower TN counties. None of those people have a voice, because none of them have representation on our city council. Those county commissioners are the ones we need to rally because maybe what they have to say will finally get some attention. This store will negatively affect us in so many ways.

  2. Congrats, OB, on 35K page views! Also, thanks for your tireless work to promote local businesses. Alas, I have to agree that the new Wal-Mart may be a done deal.

  3. Thanks for the comments...... 35k views is kind of neat. And yeah, it does look like a done deal.

  4. It was a done deal.

    Still.......Merry Christmas, OB!