Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I Hate School Buses,…..


School buses. Those big yellow vehicles that carry your children to and from school. School buses. They are too big to be on the road. School buses. In Florence, Alabama, apparently all of the drivers are taught to drive the same way. They must be taught to exceed the speed limit. They must be taught that they don’t have to stop at a stop sign and they must be taught to drive like they (the driver) own the road. Because that is exactly how they drive. I’m glad my children are grown and out of school because if my kids rode some of the buses I have encountered in the city of Florence, I’d raise, well you get the picture. I don’t know how many times I have seen them speed in residential sections of town. Simpson St is 30 mph, yet they exceed that. Complete stops at stop signs? That rarely happens, at least when I see them at intersections. And to the bus driver going down Helton Dr. Tuesday morning,… your left blinker was on for 20 minutes while riding in the right lane.

While I’m on the subject of school buses, the drop off point at Hermitage Knoll is terrible around 3 pm. Yesterday the bus stopped there and waited, waited, while traffic was backed up to the Court House Racket Club on Helton. I was on Helton (going north) wanting to turn onto Hermitage. I had to wait through 2 cycles of light changes. That area for pick up and drop offs need to be changed… go up into the apartment area and get off Hermitage Dr.

I may have more on the city schools as a whole later. I may pass it off to a larger blogger to spread the word further……


  1. Those blasted school buses! lol There was a bus that I used to get behind on my way to work, they picked up handicapped "handicapped" politically incorrect? Anyway, it generally took a few mintues to get the child loaded, and I usually took that time to talk to God. It never made me late for work, thankfully.

    As far as the bus on Hermitage...there are a lot of children getting off that bus at that location. It would probably be tough to get the bus turned around in those apartments (aren't there two or three there together?) Maybe that's why they stay on the street?

  2. Oh I was talking, but it wasn't to God. I think the bus could go into the apartment area but they might have to back up to get back out into Hermitage. God forbid we make them have to do anything like back up. I know of a few places the county bus drivers have to back up and turn around. It is just too congested when school lets out. Funny thing is there are several parents, in cars to pick up the kids... why ride the bus? Maybe they work in the mornings or whatever and can't. I dunno. I just know it is a lot of traffic there.

  3. OB, I'm not sure if this is still in effect or not, but about 20 years ago or so, whoever is in charge of the buses stopped turning off main roads. I think they used to go into subdivisions, Cherry Hill Homes, etc., but they didn't have a great place to turn around in some instances.

    I agree that some drive like demons, but conversely try driving behind a NACOLG bus. I honestly think they sit five minutes at stop signs just waiting for zombies to attack...