Thursday, December 15, 2011

OB’s Naughty & Nice List,….

Ah it’s the Christmas season and Santa has a Naughty and Nice List for the kiddos. It was suggested on facebook somewhere that I have one too, in place of the OB Awards. I thought it over and decided, yeah, ok, I can do this. As I’m writing at this minute my mind is full of ideas but getting it into words for here might be a challenge. So I’m thinking I’ll try tor reflect on the past year and go from there…. here goes.

First on the naughty list,… City of Florence for not yet repairing the low head dam on Cypress Creek. The solution is simple but yet nothing has been done. Will it take another death to correct this? Lets hope not. And kayakers, canoers, rafters, wear proper safety equipment.

Naughty,… City of Florence for taking so long to decide on the landfill. As I understand it it will be closed temporarily and trash sent elsewhere… fix the problem permanently.

Naughty,…. Sweetwater Plantation,.. for basically not getting anything done to the house. You should be ashamed. Having those little get togethers, art classes and spook shows just isn’t cutting it. The owner needs to sell the house and the city buy it. Look what St Florian and the residents have done to the Buffler House. Simply amazing what one can do without greed.

Naughty,… Times Daily,… our local newspaper. Since being taken over from a Decatur family, it has gone downhill. Both in print and online versions. So has their customer service and forum. The writing and editing never was above par but that hasn’t improved either.

Naughty,…. UNA, the University of North Alabama. For thinking they could move up to D1 sports. After getting turned down by the Ohio Valley Conference because they decided not to expand, UNA is continuing its efforts to move up. I doubt Steve Pierce could sell enough insurance to cover these costs.

Naughty,… UNA has extended Terry “Tator Tot” Bowden's contract by a year. The only thing worse would have been for two years.

Naughty,… Jeremy Green. For filing the complaint about prayer before a Brooks High School game. Atheists,.. hope your stockings are filled with coal.

Naughty,…. Ricks Bar B Q,… for thinking they serve bbq,……. sad.

Nice,…. FloBama, downtown Florence. For providing good food and music and a nice atmosphere.

Nice,…. Montagus, North Florence. For still churning out good sandwiches and sides. And for having the most attractive corner in Florence.

Nice,… First Fridays in Florence. I didn’t make them all but the ones I did were nice. Great way to show off local talent and local business.

Nice,… Watching Bryant grow from newborn to 8 months. The changes are amazing.

Nice,… my family. I’ve been blessed for some reason. I don’t know why, but I have. Much love to you all.

Nice,…. Lastly, for everyone who has clicked here, read, posted comments, whether I agree with them or not, it is much appreciated. Shoot, if we all agreed on everything life might be kind of boring.

Thank you Mrs Glass for suggesting this idea….. there may be another list before Christmas… if I get a wild hair.


  1. ha! I ate at Rick's a potato as big as my head. Yummy (had all the fat and calories I need for a week!)

    I sometimes wonder if you agree with my comments lol Now I think I know! Great list. I may do this, too.

  2. Ah, anyone can cook a potato lol... TNT had good ones and their bbq was bad too. They are now out of business. Looking forward to your list!

  3. I know someone who, when he first tried Rick's, thought it was the front for a bookie operation!

  4. I always enjoy reading OB's Corner! merry Christmas!

  5. A great post! You're right on target with the TeeDee and UNA's D-1 aspirations! Rick's is a joke. I still mourn Dreamland!

    Merry Christmas, OB!