Sunday, December 4, 2011

Rematch? or No?

Well it’s all over but the crying. For Alabama or Oklahoma St anyway. Tonight we will find out if number 2 Alabama stays there and goes to the BCS Championship game or if number 3 Oklahoma St jumps them for the chance to play LSU. By Alabama being idle this weekend, it could happen.

Both teams have one loss. Alabama lost to number 1 LSU in overtime while OK St lost to an unranked Iowa St team. In the polls, the coaches and Harris polls, voters could lean toward OK St because Bama was idle. And because OK St whipped Oklahoma. I’ve read where it is a mark against Bama for not winning the conference championship. The people saying this must not know there is no rule against it in the BCS rankings. The purpose of the BCS is to pit 1 vs 2 for the championship. Winning your conference isn’t required. I hope the voters can look at both teams without bias and vote for who they think is truly number two and not let politics or personal opinions get in the way. And look at which team would give LSU a game. If they do this, Bama will play for the title. If not, to Bama fans it will be like 1966 when the Tide got no love from the media.

Whatever happens to Bama tonight, I’m proud of the team, coaches and fans for a great season. I’ll always be proud to be a Bama fan. RTR!!

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