Monday, December 5, 2011

Why Trent Won’t Win The Heisman,….

Backlash. Which originates from jealousy because Alabama got into the BSC Championship game. Backlash, because the world outside of the SEC is sick of the SEC. Well I have some good news for the college football world. An SEC will lose in the championship game. Oh and there is bad news too, an SEC team will win the national championship.
The backlash along with the fact that Trent Richardson's Alabama team had ended its season with a thrashing of auburn, Trent's 203 yards rushing against the defending (cough) national champs will be forgotten. Trent, helped lead his team to a national championship game while the probable winner, Robert Griffin III leads a 9-3 Baylor team to the Alamo Bowl. So we have backlash because of a hate for the SEC and the forgetting of Trent’s last game due to the fact they didn’t play this past weekend as the reasons Trent won’t win. I don’t know Trent’s mindset, but I would guess that crystal trophy would be more important. On a side note, I do think RG3 is probably the best player in college football. Both he and Trent are invaluable to their teams. If Andrew Luck from Stanford wins,… the Heisman is a joke.
For you Bama fans, here is a Christmas tune written by Stanley Marks and Carl Llewellyn and performed by Billy Lawson. Joseph Rickard gets credit for the video work. Roll Tide!!
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  1. Wouldn't this also be the 3rd consecutive year a player from an Alabama university won the prize? Its kinda/sorta nice to be so revered by the college football world.

  2. I haven't watched Baylor's QB but it surely seems a bittersweet pill for Trent Richardson, if he loses, after such an awesome season in which he applied Pete Maravich-like quick turns and fakes from the basketball court to the turf. A truly spectacular season for this young man.

  3. Yes, it would be the 3rd straight year and Trent has had a great season filled with a few signature runs/moves. But to me the best runs are the 7-8 yarders where he is carrying 7,8 and 9 opponents on his back for those few yards.

  4. You're so right! His strength and determination for extra yardage was testament to obvious hours of work outs and his speed, once freed of defenders, was remarkable.