Saturday, January 7, 2012

Alabama vs LSU,.. Round Deux,… Part 3

Yesterdays blog dealt with the offenses of both teams. 4 categories with LSU and Bama getting 2 each. Now for the defenses,……
Defensive line: LSU has been very good stopping the inside run. So has Bama. LSU’s ends love to pass rush. Bama’s does also. a very slight edge to Bama here mainly due to depth. Advantage Alabama barely.
Linebackers: The off time has been good to Bama here because injuries have been healed. Nico Johnson and CJ Mosley were banged up but now are good to go. With those injuries came more playing time for the back ups, thus creating more depth at a position Alabama is very good at. LSU has a good linebacker group as well. While they do lack size for that spot they almost make up for it in speed. Two of their starters Stefoin Francois and Karnell Hatcher, were previously safeties. This is good for the passing game but not so good for the running game. Advantage Alabama

Defensive backs: While Bama has good DBs, LSU counters with Tyrann Mathieu and Morris Claiborne. Two of the best in the country. And especially good against young quarterbacks like McCarron. This could be the position that makes the biggest difference in the game, for either team. Advantage LSU

Special Teams: If Bama has a weak spot, this is it. Going 2 for 6 in the field goal department won’t win this game. Bama did out punt LSU last time but it was close. Field position will be critical in this game as will possible field goals. This is another category that could decide the outcome of the game. Advantage LSU

The two teams look so close on paper. I have Bama with 2 and LSU with 2 categories on offense and the same on defense for a 4-4 tie. The two areas LSU has on defense worry me the most.
This is part of  the blog from the Nov 5th game “With all of that said, I see a low scoring game. Defense from both sides will play superb. Thus, causing both offenses to adjust, readjust and adjust again. The game will be won at the line of scrimmage. If Bama can get a running game going, they have a chance. If not, it could be a long day. Neither team can become one dimensional and win. Three things will play a major role other than the line of scrimmage. turnovers, penalties and the kicking game.” I said three things but listed four, what was I thinking? Anyway the same FOUR things will apply here. Bama beat LSU in everything but the score. And we all know that counts the most. This is a hard one to pick, but again, my head says LSU, my heart says Bama. Going with my heart again, Bama 17 LSU 16. Roll Tide!! Whatever the outcome though, it has been an exciting season and I will not be disappointed, well too much……

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