Monday, February 13, 2012

Handicap Tags,….


Yeah, these. Do these tags give the driver the right to, for lack of a better term, drive like they are handicapped in the HEAD? I haven’t kept up with any statistics or read any scientific data regarding drivers with handicap tags, but it is my personal observation that 90% of drivers using these tags simply cannot drive.

They drive 30 in a 45mph zone. (Florence Blvd) Signals are almost none existent. Both of those I observed today. Along with coming to the same intersection I am coming to, my light was green, there’s was red. They turned right in front of me. Slowed down just enough to make the turn then proceed to drive 20 in a 30mph zone. Go figure. Bad driving isn’t limited to drivers with these tags for sure, but it just seems that very few of the drivers possessing a handicap tag should even be on the road.

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  1. Sometimes you wonder how they even get those things: