Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I Miss Dan Satterfield,…..

I remember the first time I heard his broadcast. It was in the afternoon and stormy, about like today. The skies kept getting worse until tornado warnings were issued. Dan was telling children that might be at home alone, because of parents working, to go to the center of the house, a closet or bathtub and cover up with blankets or even a mattress. I was impressed. And forever became a fan. Dan knew his stuff. Yeah, he was a little geeky at times, yeah sometimes he might have been overly zealous. But Dan loved his job and the viewers. I learned a lot about weather just by listening to him. I can even look at radar and see a hook echo and rotation from the wind speeds. North Alabama was fortunate to have him as long as we did.
Spencer Denton does ok but WAAY’s radar is hard to read. Gary Dobbs needs to stay indoors during wind gusts or his hair might blow off. WAFF’s Brad Travis does an ok job too but again, their radar isn’t the best. Actually I use Weatherbug on the computer for myself. I can see the severity of approaching storms and take the necessary precautions like get milk, bread and toilet paper.
After the April 27th storms, watches and warnings are taken more seriously by me. No need to be scared but at the same time you have to respect mother nature.


  1. Hmmm, I've learned to measure wind gusts by the angle of Gary's hair.

    Yes, I miss Dan too.

  2. The one on 48 seems to have a think for the morning anchor. Zoe and I get tickled watching her dodge his thinly veiled innuendos. Satterfield was the John Madden of weather.