Sunday, February 12, 2012

Whitney Houston Has Been Dead For Years,….

What? Say it ain’t so Buckwheat. Yes it is true. The pop diva began to die in 1989 when she met Bobby Brown. Drugs played a part in their life and drugs ultimately took her voice. She had one of the purest singing voices I have ever heard. From her pop hits to the National Anthem, she sang every song as if she were living it. Her rendition of the anthem is probably the best I have ever heard. She hit the notes like no other. She was gifted in a way not many are. Yet, drugs controlled her. Yes, Whitney Houston has been dead for years.

I keep seeing posts on facebook and on the articles saying they will miss Whitney. What is there to miss? She hasn’t had a hit song in years. Death, either by drugs or taking your life is such a waste. I despise drugs. I have seen what they do to the user and to the ones that care about that person. Drugs not only have an affect on the user, but loved ones as well. And it isn’t just illegal drugs. There are too many prescription writing doctors here in our area. The Shoals area. They are quick to write out those scripts and keep the patient, I use the word patient loosely, coming back for more. Anything from lorcets to xanax are given to people who DON”T need them. The patient gets a months supply, uses some and resells the other on the street. I place that blame on the doctors for making legal drugs readily available.

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  1. Her rendition of the national anthem is the only time the song has ever made it on the Billboard top 10. I'll miss her because now I know she'll never be able to make a comeback.