Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Day The Music Died,….

When was it? I haven’t a clue. What in the world happened to Rock and Roll? What happened to Country music for that matter? I know groups come and go but the music too? Gone are the sounds of the 70’s for rock. There is no more Frampton or Skynyrd or Eagles type of music being produced today. On the country side of music, it hasn’t taken as much of a cut as rock, but the quality as a whole isn’t there either. Today we get Lady GooglyMoogoo or something to that effect and Taylor Swift, who without studio engineers cannot carry a tune in a bucket but yet sweeps the awards. Go figure. And black music,… that soft jazz and heartfelt blues along with the soul music,… all gone. Now its rap. Which for the most part is crap. Thug music. Gangsta music. Music that promotes hate and violence. When you sing, well rap, about killing a cop, something's wrong. And all women aren’t ho’s and bitches. 

I have noticed through the years that music does dictate how society reacts. So is society going to the dogs like music has done the last 20 years? I think so.



  1. Art is in the eye of the beholder. Your trash is someone else's treasure. Opinions are like .........., we all have one. Btw, "black music"???

  2. You are correct Justin. We all have different opinions. Thats why there are different kinds of music. And yes, black music. Soul, the blues, Motown music. Very few white people can pull off that sound. Clapton, Vaughn and a few others come to mind. When is the last time you heard something new from Motown, with the same sound?