Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Top 10 Cities For Barbeque

I love Google. You think it, type it in and bingo,… you can usually find your answer.

draft_lens18735133module154404837photo_1319200548BBQ_Ribs I got to thinking about some of the cities I would like to visit for their famous bbq. So I Googled the top 10. I was a bit surprised at a couple of them. Most people that know and appreciate bbq know that Kansas City is famous for their brand of bbq. As is St Louis and Memphis. And quite possibly North Carolina, but Texas and California? Come on. For real? And New York City made the top 10? Great googly moogoo. Texas does brisket. While true that is done on the grill but beef isn’t bbq by Southern standards. I do like brisket but pork rules. Whether it be pork ribs, St Louis style or baby back, country ribs, Boston Butts or pork shoulders, true bbq in my mind is pork. Here is the top 10 list I found with a brief description. Personally I would put my own grill up against any in the cities listed. But that’s just me. And that’s what makes grilling fun. We’re all grillmasters in our own minds.

Chapel Hill, North Carolina
North Carolina Barbecue is primarily pork, served pulled or chopped. The sauce is made with vinegar, red pepper flakes, salt and other variations. Chapel Hill is home to a few great BBQ joints serving traditional Carolina style BBQ.

Kansas City
Kansas City is renowned for its barbecue. This style of barbecue uses all different types and cuts of meat, including pork and beef ribs, brisket, smoked chicken. Kansas City baroque also uses plenty of tangy, tomato-based sauce on the smoked barbecue. Another Kansas City specialty are burnt ends, the ends of meat cut from the brisket.

Lexington, North Carolina
Lexington has its own style of barbecue and the city has a large number of barbecue joints. The style of barbecue most found in Lexington is primarily made from pork shoulder, and the sauce is made with vinegar, salt and pepper, like the BBQ in Chapel Hill, NC. However, Lexington barbecue sauce has an addition of ketchup.

Lockhart, Texas
Texas has many cities with excellent barbecue. Lockhart, Texas is one of the cities widely acknowledged to have some amazing Texas barbecue. Texas BBQ is mostly made with beef, which is smoked slowly, without the addition of rubs and sauces. Lockhart has a few amazing Texas BBQ joints.

Memphis, Tennessee
Memphis is famous for its pork ribs, especially its dry style ribs. These ribs are rubbed with a unique blend of spices, cooked in a smoker until they are tender. Another tradition in the region east of Memphis is whole hog BBQ.

Nashville, Tennessee
Nashville, like Memphis, serves amazing barbecue. There are many places to enjoy slow-cooked pork ribs. Each BBQ joint has its own unique sauce, and style of cooking BBQ, and there are many delicious styles to enjoy throughout the city.

New York City, New York
New York City is a great barbecue city. All different types of barbecue, from traditional types of BBQ from around the country to all types of variations on BBQ, New York has it all.  This city has some amazing restaurants, where you can get pork, beef, dry rubs sauce and any other type of barbecue out there.

Owensboro, Kentucky
This city has a unique barbecue style, and is one of the few places where smoked mutton is a barbecue tradition. Owensboro also hosts the International Bar-B-Q Festival, where people come to try a variety of different types of barbecued meats, including mutton and more.

St. Louis, Missouri
This city makes fantastic pork ribs and steak. St. Louis is a great spot to get some grilled pork spark ribs coated in sweet and spicy tomato-based BBQ sauce. Another St. Louis specialty are Snoots. Snoots are crispy, cooked pig snots.

Santa Maria, California
Santa Maria is called the "BBQ Capital of California." The barbecue in Santa Maria is generally seasoned grilled tri-tip steak. In Santa Maria, the cut of beef, usually tri-tip steak is rubbed with spices and grilled over wood.


  1. Doesn't Dreamland in Tuscaloosa count?

  2. It should. I was surprised Alabama or Arkansas didn't make the top 10,... New York City? I was shocked.

  3. Memphis does have some great BQ restaurants. Just don't commit the high crime of putting mayonnaise or a mayonnaise-based sauce on barbecue!

  4. New York City? Maybe we should revisit their Picante' sauce?

  5. The best steak (chop, fish) in town should come from one's own grill! Great encouragement!

  6. I used to live in KY about 20 minutes from Owensboro. Didn't know they had good bar b que though.

  7. Yeah, Owensboro surprised me too.