Sunday, April 22, 2012

I Will Never Shop at Walmart. Period.

I found this story posted on the CAUS facebook page and it needs sharing. I asked the editor of the original site, Jonathon Cribbs for permission to republish it. I can republish but you’ll need to click his link I’ll provide to continue reading. He has a nice site and I appreciate him letting me do this.
A Decatur GA resident writes in about her own experience with a Walmart and her thoughts on the retailer's expansion into North Decatur.
April 19, 2012
I'd like to add my two cents to the Suburban Plaza debate. First off, let me tell you where I live: south of Memorial Drive off Midway/Peachcrest. A few years back we had a big ruckus over the Walmart Supercenter that went in where the mall used to be. We picketed. We wrote letters. We petitioned.
Ultimately, Walmart came and did just as they pleased without building any sort of mixed use like they promised they would. The closest we got to "mixed use" is that a SunTrust bank opened up where the supposed condos were going to be. Nothing else was done.
In other words: We got screwed. The neighborhood has not improved one tiny bit……….. To continue reading, Click here 
Thanks again to Mr Cribbs for allowing me to repost. To view the rest of his site you can Go here
It continues to amaze me how some people think. Some think another Walmart will be good for our area. That it will create jobs and they say it will actually help existing businesses. It will create a few minimum wages jobs this is true. I do not see it helping local business. Traffic is a big concern to many. Cloverdale Road is already congested enough. I see several people complain about going to Walmart on facebook. They complain about the long lines, parking, people that shop there but continue to go there.  Well, quit going. Do you honestly think Walmart cares for you? On the other hand, go to one of the mom and pop stores. I know they appreciate your business. And most times, they’ll tell you they do.

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