Saturday, May 26, 2012

American (Karaoke) Idol,….

Music has been called the international language. And rightfully so. You can get caught up in it and feel the beat. Music can lighten a heavy soul, make a blue day seem bright and make the heart burst with joy. Without music, some days would be less than bearable for some.

This years American Idol season was a bit disappointing. I don’t see the winner, Phillip Phillips doing much in the music industry. But the same can be said for the rest of the field. Personally, I have heard far better music at the Barge Inn, FloBama and First Fridays. I’ll even go one step further, I’ve heard better karaoke in the Shoals area than what was presented on this years American Idol.

The Shoals area has turned out some great music. From local artists to producers and recording studios. Muscle Shoals was once dubbed as the “Hit Recording Capital of the World”. Local talent from WC Handy to the Civil Wars has graced the Shoals for many years. The Shoals area has been blessed in the music area and that may be why I expected more from American Idol. Maybe I just expected the talent level to be higher. You just can’t get any higher than Shoals area music.

City of Muscle Shoals Hit recording Capital of the world


  1. It's too bad Simon quit Idol. And too bad those singers aren't required to do original songs that they wrote themselves.

  2. Agree with both points. Original material would make it less karaoke-ish lol.