Saturday, May 19, 2012

Fear the Vinnie Badger,….

One of my favorite Alabama players has got to be safety Vinnie Sunseri. The guy plays with reckless ambition and has the smarts to go with physical abilities.

He had two interceptions in the spring A-Day game with one for a touchdown. A fumble recovery that he returned for a score as well. At 6’1” and 217 lbs, Vinnie is a perfect sized safety. Speed and quickness are good and will only get better as he progresses. Vinnie will be a true sophomore this season and it looks like he will have a starting role.

The guy is almost the total package for a safety. Instincts, ability and smarts are his strong points. He can create a turnover. The only thing he lacks in is leaping ability. But I think his heart and desire will make up for that.


Roll Tide Roll and as much as I love spring and summer, the fall is my favorite time of the year.


Congrats to the Mars Hill Panthers and Shoals Christian Flame for winning their divisions state championships. This was Shoals Christians third in a row.

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