Wednesday, May 2, 2012

If I Won The Presidency,….

You think Obama is a wacko? Elect me and I could put him to shame. But our country would be on the upswing.
First, I would penalize all doctors for ordering unnecessary tests so they could get the kickbacks from the insurance companies. I think a three strikes and your out package for doctors caught three times would be sufficient. After the third time, revoke their license. If a person needs a test run and it is legit, do it. But to order a brain scan for someone 91 years old is kind of useless. Tighten controls on prescriptions from doctors.  
Eliminate private interest groups and lobbyists. And while I’m at it, eliminate federal income tax as we know it. All citizens, companies and corporations will pay a flat tax. Citizens will pay 10% of their income, companies and corporations shall pay 15%.
All welfare recipients, either existing or applying will undergo drug tests. You fail? No check. And for Social Security applicants, you too. You Fail, no check. I know you paid in, but you fail a drug test and bazinga,.. too bad so sad.
No more bailouts. If a company is on the brink of closing, sell it to the employees. Maybe then they will actually get off their butt and work to save their job.
For every new Walmart that opens, fine them 10 million dollars and give that money to the businesses they close. (Told ya I could put Obama to shame)
Cut the pay scale for the House and Senate. It is time they actually gave back. And limit their terms to three served. No more career politicians.
Provide adequate care for our military. And a monthly income equivalent to the working middle class if they can no longer work.
Make medicinal marijuana legal nationally. Oh hush, if it works for medical purposes, do it.
Clinton put a “Sin Tax” on alcohol and tobacco when he was in office. I’d go one step further and add condoms.
Provide incentives for new and existing manufacturers who expand or open. We need to get America working again. We need to get the label, “Made In America” on more things we purchase everyday.
If we help another Middle Eastern country get rid of a dictator. Make them a territory and take their oil. And bomb Canada and take their oil as well. While we’re at it, take over Cuba and make it a Caribbean resort.
The Mexican border would be secure. Border patrol would be accompanied by the National Guard from all states on a rotating basis. Illegals crossing over and caught would have a choice. Become legal or go home. Their choice. But in order to become legal they would have to learn English. All companies who provide Spanish on their instructions, boxes, cans, labels will be fined $1000 per word. No acceptions.      

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  1. Considering the volume of drug testing that would come out of this, we will wind up with a bootleg market on urine!

    Awww! Canada's harmless and they have cute Quebecois chicks.