Tuesday, May 1, 2012

No WalMart! Video Shows You Why,…..


Even before the proposed Walmart on Cloverdale Road, I blogged against them for the simple fact they hurt local mom and pop stores. Now with the new store that is proposed, traffic in that area will surely become a bigger problem. A neighborhood that is quiet will have more traffic noise and be lit up at night from the lights in the parking lot. Crime could become a bigger problem for people in Heathrow.

But even with all of that, the saddest part is that a portion of the Coffee Cemetery could find its way under asphalt. Why? Because the firm hired by Walmart to do the research on the cemetery has failed in its job. Probably because they were told to say what Walmart wanted to hear. In this video, done by Nancy Berry, it shows where the cemetery actually is. Not where Walmart says it is.

Nancy Berry has also put together a website that has more info on it. SaveCoffeeCemetery has the city council contact info on it under the Resources heading and on the homepage.  There is also an online petition located on the homepage. If you care about local business, property values, a historic cemetery, please sign the petition. Thank you. And thank you to Nancy Berry for putting all of this together.

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  1. I’m not a big fan of Wal-Mart. I was when Sam Walton was still alive and Sam Walton made a point of selling AMERICAN MADE products. Now that all of that has changed and I read news stories of Wal-Mart using the Eminent Domain law to take peoples land from them and city and county governments allowing that to take place while giving Wal-Mart tax breaks to do it, I just get mad. When I see a Wal-Mart sign I think of Darth Vader and the Star Wars music that is played when Vader appears in the movie. Wal-Mart is the EVIL EMPIRE!