Saturday, May 5, 2012

No Henchbroad Sighting and Some Random Stuff

We went to First Friday last night in beautiful downtown Florence. With the humidity yesterday we waited until around 6 to go. The downtown sidewalks were full of people from all walks of life. But no henchbroads were to be found. Downtown is really a beautiful place and First Fridays enhances that beauty.
It was good to meet Larry Fisher, (pictured above) and his wife Marti as Larry and Debra Glass(pictured above) were promoting Remembering Florence v2 last night. The Ye Ole General store is also having a book signing there today.
Also got to talk to Florence Mayoral candidate Mickey Haddock. Was good to see him. An interview may be in the works. Stay tuned. It was also good to see Steve and Sheri Wiggins and talk to them for a minute or two. Be sure and visit their site,… QuadCitiesDaily
From there we went to The Barge Inn for a light dinner. The service and food was fantastic again. Rob Malone and Rob Aldridge provided the music. It was the first time I had heard them. Hopefully it won’t be the last. On a side note, Donna had a dream about the smoking area there. On the outside deck there is a little corner where you can smoke. In her dream, they had put a table and two chairs in the corner and a sign which read: OB’s Corner. What a great idea.


  1. Ah, the elusive henchbroad... Their war cries are loud and annoying, but they tend to hide when confronted by truth.

    Great pic of you three, btw.

  2. Where do I sign the petition to create OB's Corner at the Barge Inn? :-) Thanks for the shout out! Always good to see you and D!

  3. Like them on Facebook and suggest it lol....

  4. Always read your blog. Loved the photo today. Keep up the good work informing citizens about a certain element here in town.