Monday, June 11, 2012

Where Is Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton?,….


First, my condolences to the families and friends of the two slain  ex-Auburn players, Edward Christian and Ladarious Phillips and Demario Pitts.

Such a tragic thing to happen and it makes no sense. I hope they catch Desmonte Leonard for what he has done.

When George Zimmerman shot young Trayvon Martin,… Al and Jesse where demanding justice.


Why? Because a white Hispanic,… (not my words but the national medias)(I didn’t know that phrase even existed until then), shot and killed a black man. Why? Because as the two pictured above claim racism. But when it is a black on black crime, like at Auburn, where are they? They certainly aren’t trying to console the families. Why? Because Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are racists.

I found this while doing some research, “In my opinion, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are the definition of racism in America. Their racist reactions often times harm race relations more than they help. When will both the black and white communities alike hold these ”reverends” accountable? They are supposed to be peacemakers. Most of the fruit I see from them is far from peaceful or restorative. Their actions tend to drive a deep wedge amongst our citizens. And for what? To line their pockets?

I just hope this latest example of racism coming from Jackson and Sharpton exposes the hypocrisy that propels these charlatans. The reverends assume if an alleged crime is white on black then the accused is guilty until proven innocent. If it is a black on white or black on black crime then we must assume innocence at all costs. And if they do turn out to be guilty, it is someone else’s fault … poverty, fatherless upbringing, the ”man” holding them back.”

That is from the WND commentary in 2007 View more here

I personally have been called racist for my LeRon character. LeRon uses his own type of lingo much like the character Eddie Murphy played on Saturday Night Live. It was meant for entertainment purposes and nothing else. I have several black friends that I hold in high regards.

But back to the question where is Al and Jesse? If they were so concerned about the black community, wouldn’t it make sense for them to offer their services as men of God to the families?


  1. Where were they when two reporters were severely beaten by a group of black youths? Their employers didn't even cover it.

  2. George Zimmerman has a black great-grandfather, but, yes, there are white and black Hispanics. Most Hispanics we encounter here are Indians. Even some Indians in North Alabama aren't Hispanic, but native to tribes in southern Mexico and Guatemala who don't speak Spanish. Not enough terms is there? So why do we use them?

  3. All about trying to be PC,.......