Friday, June 1, 2012

Why I Like Nick Saban,…..

I found this on TideFans and need to share it…..


I like Nick Saban for a lot of reasons, some of which are listed below:
1. I like Nick Saban because he has brought Alabama football back to
national prominence. National championships two out of the last
three years loudly shout that out. (By the way, thanks Auburn for
filling in for us that in between year and keeping the trophy in our state!)
But that's not what I like best about Nick Saban.
2. I like Nick Saban because our recruiting classes have been ranked in the
top five all five years he has been here. The guy know how to get top
quality recruits year after year. But that's not what I like best about Nick Saban.
3. I like Nick Saban because he knows how to turn top recruits into top
players. Four first round draft picks two years running demonstrate his
ability to develop potential into reality. But that's not what I like best about
Nick Saban.
4. I like Nick Saban because he teaches young men about what it takes to
be successful in life as well as in football. Dedication, determination,
courage, patience, finding your place and filling it with everything that is
within you serves one well far beyond football. But that's not what I like best
about Nick Saban.
5. I like Nick Saban because he gives back to the community. His work with
Nick's Kids and the tornado victims shout loudly about the compassion of
the man. But even that is not what I like best about Nick Saban.
6. I like Nick Saban because he produces. With the landscape littered with
coaches being paid not to coach due to being fired for lack of production,
no coach in America has produced more than Coach Saban. When you
consider what he has accomplished, he is the lowest paid coach in the
country relative to what he has achieved. Take that, you talking heads who
complain about his salary! But that is not what I like best about Nick Saban.
7. As a father, there is another reason why I not only like Nick Saban, I
absolutely love the guy, though I have never met him. My 42 year old son,
Scott, is in the fight of his life against cancer. After surgery, he was told
that his chances of survival were 22% without chemo and 50% with six months
of chemo treatments. A few days ago, as he was feeling the horrible effects of
three days of chemo treatment, he received in the mail an autographed picture
showing Coach Saban and the national championship trophy. It simply said:
To Scott
Stay Strong
Roll Tide
Nick Saban
We have no idea how Coach Saban knew about Scott's struggles. But for
someone with such tremendous demands on his time, to take the time to
send such great encouragement to someone he does not know speaks volumes
about the character of the man! When he was in high school, Scott would sprint
the 100 yards from the bus stop to our front door in hopes that an Alabama scout
just might be driving along Celeste Road and take notice of his effort. Well Scott,
THE coach has noticed and we shall be forever thankful to him for caring! And that
is why I like Nick Saban!!
Paul L. Smith, Pastor
Romar Beach Baptist Church
P.O. Box 128
Orange Beach, Al 36561

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  1. This is awesome. He makes me proud to have gone to Bama...even though I was there long ago when Gene Stallings was the coach.