Saturday, July 14, 2012

600 Feet,…….

600 feet. That seems like a long way. It is. 600 feet is 200 yards or two football fields. Think about that,… two football fields. That is the distance Ronnie Fogg traveled after hitting a truck with his motorcycle. 600 feet,…. that is just amazing to me. Police estimated he was traveling in excess of 100 mph on two wheels. Thoughts and prayers to his family and friends and to the family of Cora Hamm, the driver of the truck he hit. More than likely it will leave an impression in her mind she will never get over or forget.


You don’t do 100 mph + in a 45 zone or even a 75 mph zone for that matter. Not on two wheels or four. I’m sorry but that is just asking for trouble. Every spring there are several postings on facebook and forums I visit that warn auto drivers to watch for the cyclists that will be out on the roads because it is getting warmer. Well, it works both ways cyclists. Watch for us too.

Some accidents are unavoidable. This one was. But it doesn’t make it any less sadder for those involved. People,… slow down. Watch for other vehicles and know what is beside, behind and in front of you. Use your turn signals for turns or changing lanes even if no one is around. It will help you get into a good habit. And get off the phone.


  1. It was also a long clear-sight distance and the driver of the truck said they didnt see the motorcycle...