Sunday, July 22, 2012



The picture above is an apartment complex in Clearwater FL that at this point looks like it was struck by lightning. Fire damaged two apartments while water and smoke damaged six others. Why am I blogging about something that happened in Florida you ask? Because Donna’s son and his family were one of the apartments damaged by fire. At this point, after a fireman handed Jeremy some pictures and said that’s all that’s left, it looks like a total loss for them. As far as material things go. Jeremy, Amanda and daughter Ashlyn are fine physically as they were not home at the time. They came back home just after it had happened. They did not have renters insurance but even if they had it would not have been enough to replace Jeremy’s collection of Alabama, Bear Bryant and Nick Saban memorabilia. You simply cannot replace things like an authentic Joe Namath jersey.

But material things can be replaced. And they will be over time. The most important thing is they are safe. At times like this I look back and think what if. What if they had been in bed asleep when this happened? There is a silver lining to everything I guess. It just hard to see it sometimes. Keep them in your prayers and thoughts. Thanks, OB.

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