Thursday, July 26, 2012

Florence’s Link to New York City,….

Soon, Florence will have a connection to New York City in a slightly different way. A small mom and pop operation that produces wiring harnesses, cables, ribbon cables, wire connectors of any kind, will be making the connectors or wiring harnesses for the IBM THINK exhibit’s digital wall at the Lincoln Center.

Jasco Manufacturing in Florence has done this type of work before for digital signs in Las Vegas for the same company. Jasco provides jobs for 10 people at present, so they are truly a small mom and pop operation but are providing many companies with the parts to make their products work.

What? You are reading this and thinking what is the IBM THINK exibit? And you’ve never heard of the Lincoln Center? Okay I’m sure most of you have heard of the Lincoln Center but what is the IBM THINK exibit?

IBM's THINK Exhibit is an interactive technology exhibit at Lincoln Center that explores the role of technology in improving our daily lives and the world we live in. The exhibit includes videos, touch screen maps, interactive media panels and mobile applications. The most visible element of the exhibit is the large digital wall, stretching 123 feet outside the converted parking garage of Lincoln Center on Columbus Avenue. The digital wall visualizes real-time live streaming data from the surrounding areas including traffic on Broadway, solar energy use on the Upper West Side, and air quality throughout Manhattan. The billboard-sized digital display shows how we use the world around us and illuminates on a local scale the many opportunities for changes to be made.

So,…. now Florence will soon have a link to New York City. I think that is kind of neat.





Will have an updated version soon of the making of the actual components inside the sign.


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