Monday, July 23, 2012

Joe Paterno,… Pedophile Enabler,…


Joe Paterno,…. was one of the great ones in terms of coaching wins. He battled Bobby Bowden for the all time number of wins among coaches. And he won. But Sunday, the statue that honored his feats as a coach came down. It was removed by orders of the State Penn, I mean Penn State University president. And why? Because Joe Pa hid knowledge of a pedophiles behavior. He knew about it and did nothing. He turned away. He turned away on those kids, those boys who were groped, fondled by an assistant coach. Joe Pa sold his soul to the devil by doing so. The title says Joe Paterno, Pedophile Enabler, and that is just what he did by not taking responsibility. He enabled Jerry Sandusky to have his way with young boys by turning his head. Maybe instead of removing Joe Pa’s statue, they should have turned it around making it look the other way. Just like Joe Pa did.


  1. The sick joke going around in Florence is that they would put it in the library to keep people from talking there.

  2. Joe Paterno would have been more of a hero by doing the right thing. No one will ever think of Paterno or Penn State the same again.