Sunday, July 15, 2012

Lil Steve’s,…..

lil steves1

I’ve done business with Big Steve for over 30 years. I’ve always felt welcomed and appreciated for spending my cash there. The same with his son, Lil Steve. Hence the namesake of the stores now. Lil Steve’s prides itself on being American owned and now with new stores in the area it makes it very convenient to stop in their stores just about anywhere in the city. Locations on Pine St, Cox Creek Pkwy, Chisholm Rd north of Cox Creek, Woodward Av in Muscle Shoals, Cloverdale Rd in Petersville and a new one set to open on Florence Blvd across from the Donut Shoppe. All with the same friendly staff that appreciate you, the customer, shopping there.

They hired a lot of UNA students and I’ve gotten to know some of them through shopping there. It gets sad when they graduate and move back home because many are from out of town. But they always seem to hire more to take their place that are just as friendly.

Lil Steve’s has competitive prices on gasoline and cigarettes and other items. I’ve bought anything from light bulbs to bread there. The bread is often fresher than in the stores too.

Well, I’m starting to ramble, but I appreciate an American owned mom and pop operation. At least with that, we know US dollars are staying in the US. Thanks Lil Steve for making your store the best in the area and for making it more convenient throughout the city.

On a side note, I got free koozies there Friday. It had Heartland Bank on it but who cares,…. it’s a koozie. Here is a pic of it,… not a good one though.

lil steves

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