Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Some Stuff We Do,….

New houses never cease to amaze me. We have done several over the years but this one is very unique. Cypress wood on the kitchen ceiling on the main floor, the house actually has three kitchens with one on the kids floor and one outside. Wood ceilings in the great room and master bedroom areas along with wood ceilings in the holding room just off the main kitchen. Two, 2 car garages, a bonus room, four bedrooms (actually the daughters area is called a suite) and I haven’t counted bathrooms. A huge game room that will be second to none in the area and a total of four stories to the house counting the basement. All rooms have Ipod ports and you can control the house with a smart phone. And the homeowners are just great people. That’s a major plus. I know I’ve left something out but it is just a big house. Here are a few pictures of the house and some random pictures.
great room ceiling
Great room ceiling
kitchen ceiling
Kitchen ceiling,… cabinets still need crown molding.
holding room ceiling
Holding room ceiling
master bedroom ceiling
Master bedroom ceiling
main entrance
Main entrance
Some other random work pictures,…
avalon drugs
Making lines at Avalon Discount Drugs,….
A navy blue line went in the center.
mahogany doors
Mahogany doors,….
Sunroom with bead board ceiling,….
boat at TP
Apparently we do boats too,….
This one was at Turtle Point and was a challenge since the boat seemed to rock a bit being in the water haha.
New blog that just started up that you might enjoy. Down Below E, a diary type blog of one families travels from place to place. Tracy does a nice job of explaining their travels as they encounter day to day living on the road and more. She is also my niece. You can view it here,... DownBelowE
I was just privileged to meet a reader of this blog. I'll let her remain anonymous, but it was great to meet her. When I started this I had no clue it would take off and be so much fun as it is a learning experience.  I've had the privilege of  meeting a few that read this blog and it is always just amazing to me. Thank you all for reading and stopping by. You guys rock!

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