Monday, July 16, 2012

Vote Em All Out!,……

August 28 is fast approaching. That is the day Florence will get a new mayor and some city councilmen. With the new leadership comes great responsibility as the city seems destined to have a new hospital near the Singing River Bridge (I still call it the new bridge) and with that hospital will come growth in the East Florence area. Some will be good and some probably will straddle the fence, but East Florence could boom once again if our city leaders take time to research it. The ones serving now didn’t do a lot of research concerning the new Walmart on Cloverdale Rd. They were too busy looking at tax dollars. The old saying money talks,… applied here as the council did not take into consideration the people of Heathrow and the possibility of runoff into Cypress Creek. Vote em out. Dick Jordan is the only one that can’t be voted out as he is unopposed. That’s too bad.
On the mayoral race, Florence is blessed with the candidates. I don’t know anything about Mr. Simpson, but I do know Mickey Haddock and I’ve met Rick Singleton. Either of the latter two, I feel are the best two candidates for the job as they have been over people in their careers. They led them and both led them well. But, I have to go with Mickey here simply because I know him and his family. Florence would do well with him in the mayors office.
Here is a list of the candidates including the Florence School Board. My choices are the ones in bold print.
Mayor: Mickey Haddock, Rick Singleton, Billy Ray Simpson, John Hargett
Council District 1:   Yolanda Faulk, Dave Smith (Either is a step up from  Sam Pendleton)
Council District 2: Dick Jordan
Council District 3: Larry Holt, Herman (yes I voted for the new walmart) Graham
Council District 4: Tom Wissert, Barry (another walmart vote) Morris
Council district 5: Coy Bramlett, Howard Caperton, Blake Edwards, David Murks
Council District 6: Jimmy Oliver, Andy (yet another walmart vote) Betterton
Florence Board of Education
  • District 1: Vicky Kirkman
  • District 2: Bill Jordan
  • District 3: MaLeah Chaney, Bill Griffin
  • District 4: Bill Gullett
  • District 5: Laura Hardeman, Scott Morris, either would be a good choice.
  • District 6: Jim Fisher
  • Late qualifier for the mayors race,... John Hargett. Why bother getting in this late? Votes could be split now.

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