Saturday, August 25, 2012

Auburn In Perils?,…..

Has Gene “Cheesedip” Chizik  lost control of the auburn tigers? It seems to me he possibly has. And right before the season starts. All-Freshman center Reese Dismukes was arrested last night for public intoxication. Click image to view.
This on the heels of the same player making racist remarks at a McDonalds. Click here for story. And not only that but WR DeAngelo Benton has been suspended indefinitely from the team.
You have to have discipline and players need to understand with rules broken there comes consequences. auburn’s head coach needs to do what Clemson’s Dabo Swinney did with Sammy Watkins,…. suspend Dismukes.
Dismukes obviously has some problems. The guy is a thug, but still a kid. The attitude which he seems to have almost mirrors Nick Fairley. I’m beginning to wonder if auburn teaches this kind of me me me attitude for college credits. Dismukes appears here in this photo on facebook prior to attending auburn. Actually this was during his recruitment,…

Update,.... Cheesedip has suspended him,... Dismukes Suspended

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