Friday, August 17, 2012

Dee Liner,....

5 star defensive lineman Dee Liner from Muscle Shoals has been suspended indefinitely at Muscle Shoals High School for walking out of practice. Dee has a lot on his plate right now after being arrested twice in July. One of those arrests was for obstructing justice and disorderly conduct. The other arrest was for criminal trespassing for jumping a fence at the Sheffield pool.
On the disorderly conduct/obstructing justice arrest,  Liner pulled up to the scene of a traffic stop which involved his mother, in another vehicle. Police say Liner ran over to the officer and began screaming, cursing and throwing objects at the female officer. Police say Liner yelled several things at the officer including "Let my f****** mother go. You're not going to tell me what to do.
Liner’s high school coach, Scott Basden tweeted "I'm more worried about Dee as a person than a player."
One thing to keep in mind, Liner is still a kid. Kids do dumb things from time to time. But it sounds to me he isn’t good at accepting responsibility or respecting authority. I hope he gets everything straightened out and has a good career. But he has got to get rid of that me, me, me attitude.
Update,... Since this blog post, Dee switched commits from auburn to Alabama and signed with Bama. I was so hoping he had gone to auburn because of his attitude.
The kid hasn't learned,... I doubt this is true but you do not flash money as a new recruit or a drug dealer,...
Dee Liner is on the left,... the other two? No clue.


  1. Dee's mother called him when she got stopped and asked him to come. He has always thought he could intimidate because of his size. I was hoping this coach could change his attitude somewhat. (I am a former teacher.)I had to deal with his parents who thought he should get away with all bad behavior and that any resistance on his part was my fault.

  2. Well, that explains his attitude. No disciple at home. Being taught that kind of attitude by his mother won't likely change. And it is always the teachers fault. My daughter will start teaching this year for the first time. I hope she don't encounter parents and kids like this. But I'm afraid she will.