Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Congrats Mayor Haddock,….

Florence Alabama gained in Tuesdays vote for mayor. Mickey Haddock will serve the city well. As stated in previous blogs leading up to the election, I’ve known Mickey for 30 plus years and he is the same man today as he was back then. Solid, honest and dependable. Florence will be in good hands with his leadership for years to come hopefully.


On a less than happy note, all of the incumbents for Florence City council won their races. It was my hope that they would all be replaced as they had not shown Florence’s best interest in their votes on different matters. David Smith won the seat formally occupied by Sam Pendleton. District 5 will see an Oct 9th runoff between Coy Bramlett and Blake Edwards.

I can only hope Mickey can run the city as efficiently  as he has run the Lauderdale license commission office. I think he will.

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