Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Irons Picking Singleton Should Mean Nothing,….


Outgoing Mayor Bobby Irons has endorsed Rick Singleton for mayor. What does this mean? Well coming from a mayor that failed on the city landfill, failed on new jobs in the area, failed on the low head dam on Cypress Creek and failed the people in Heathrow Subdivision, it means absolutely nothing. As a matter of fact this could hurt Singletons chances. Mayor Irons failed in his endorsement.  It is obvious that Mayor Irons has not done his homework of Singleton. Or is this just another case of good ole boys scratching each others backs. It is here, that out of respect for Mickey Haddock, I deleted what I was originally going to say about Singleton. Neither candidate has run a negative campaign and it isn’t my place to start it. To see videos of Mickey on facebook, click ------> HERE!

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