Friday, August 24, 2012

Meeeshigan vs Alabama,……..

The scene,…. Jerry’s World,… Cowboys Stadium, Arlington, Texas.


The teams,…. Michigan Wolverines versus the Alabama Crimson Tide.

Two of the most storied programs in terms of tradition in college football.

A neutral field and the first game of the season is a recipe for a great game.

The Big 10 Conference of which Michigan belongs has kind of been owned by the SEC as of late. Just ask Ohio State. But this is a new year. New starters for both teams and some new personnel on the sidelines. The media has called Alabama the defending national champions. I kind of disagree with that. Bama lost a lot of players that can’t contribute to this years team. While they did win last year, this year has new names and faces. Lets just say they are going for 2 in a row.

Keys for a Michigan win. Protect Denard Robinson. Let him play his game and keep Bama from disrupting it. Control the clock and keep Bama’s offense off the field. Robinson must not get happy feet and try to win it on his own. He has talent around him and has to remember that. Defensively Michigan must stop the run. Make Bama throw to the less experienced receivers on third and long.

Keys for a Bama win. Win the LOS on both sides of the ball. LOS is the line of scrimmage. Win in the trenches and you will control the game. Keep Robinson in check. You won’t stop him, but keep him close. Make him do things he doesn’t want to do. Force the issue and he will try to over achieve. Thus creating turnovers. Control the clock… do so by controlling the LOS on offense. Limit penalties and mental errors with young players. The talent is there, but Bama’s younguns will need to mature.   

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