Tuesday, August 7, 2012

New Kickoff Rule in College for 2012,… And Voodoo Dolls,….

A new rule this year will be on kickoffs. Teams will now kickoff from the 35 yard line rather than the 30. Also any touchbacks will be brought out to the 25 instead of the 20 yard line. The kicking team cannot line up beyond the 30 to get a running start as the ball is kicked either.


What will this do? Well it is the NCAA’s thought this will cut down on the number of injuries that happen on kickoffs. Their thought is the kickers can put the ball into the end zone more often and the receiving team will down it and start at their own 25.

I see a couple of other possibilities happening. One, the kicking team can sky kick it, thus shortening the length of the kick and the receiving team will catch the ball inside the 10 yard line and be forced to run it. The other possibility is kicking teams squib kick it more. With the squib kick or onside kick though a new rule change has been adopted for that. The kickoff team must wait until the second bounce before making contact. This will eliminate the one hop kick. I’m gonna miss that.

And ESPN,… what can I say? Their new magazine hit the stands featuring SEC Voodoo dolls with pins.

espnUnderneath Curse The SEC! it says, Enough already. Can someone please take down college football’s most dominant conference? (We’re talking to you, Trojans).

At first thought my thinking was how tacky. How can a magazine hate a college football conference? But after thinking about it, I decided it isn’t hate, it is envy. The college football world and the other conferences would love to have accomplished what the SEC has done. Not only in football but other sports as well. The really funny thing on the cover to me is you have an LSU voodoo doll, an Alabama voodoo doll and a Georgia voodoo doll. Georgia? They put Georgia on the cover? They haven’t won a National Championship in this streak. auburn did. And got shunned yet again. Gotta love that. Roll Tide Roll!!


  1. Agree that Georgia doesn't belong. But neither does Auburn. Florida has won 2 of the football national titles in that streak. And then there were also 2 basketball national titles, 4 men's track national titles, 2 women's tennis national titles and a women's swimming and diving national title all during that streak.

  2. I had forgotten about Florida Jim. You are correct. There should be a Gator in the middle. I had just reread my blog a few minutes ago and said, Florida should have been in there. But then the Gator would have pinholes in it too lol.....