Saturday, August 18, 2012



Priorities and dedication. Mr Oliver a district 6 candidate has both. Recently his wife gave birth to a 4lb 7oz baby boy that needs to go to Huntsville Hospital for some extra care. Jaxton has a lung issue that the hospital in Huntsville can better take care of. Thoughts and prayers to the family.

This from Mr Oliver’s facebook page,…

“Little Jaxton was transported about an hour ago to HSV to take care of his lung issue . Little guy was tiring out . He tried to stay here but just couldn't do it . The next few weeks I'll be back and forth to HSV and that means knocking on doors and campaigning will halt for now. For you people in district 6 that I didn't get to see , I apologize but this is top priority as of now. Village Pines  and some of Indian springs is all I lacked so you folks please consider me on Aug 28th. Brandi and I are excited about the possibility of me serving on our city council. God willing Jaxton will be home in a few weeks and I'll be city council member district 6 . Continued prayers please for my family and God bless.”

With trying to beat an incumbent and having to put his campaign on hold, I’m very glad I have him in my picks for city council. You can view those HERE. If Mr Oliver is as dedicated to the citizens of his district as he is to his family, he will serve D6 well. Good luck and prayers for Jaxton.


  1. We know Jimmy personally and are proud someone of his commitment and integrity is willing to serve his community.

  2. I need to get a "Like" button like facebook has!! Thanks for your comments.