Saturday, August 11, 2012



Rumors. I think we sometimes like to hear them or read them in print. They just make life fun sometimes. Some rumors are funny and some can be embarrassing, whether true or not. Sometime rumors prove to be true and sometimes they are things people dream up in their small minded brains. But rumors are mostly unverified accounts of events or happenings.

Two rumors that I hope come true have recently passed either my eyes or ears. One being that the Smokehouse Billiards has been bought by a group of three and they are currently trying to purchase the original recipes for burgers and such. It will open under another name and possibly become a music venue too. That’s a great rumor if true.

The second rumor involves another restaurant in Florence.  Fiesta Mexicana located behind the bowling ally on Florence Blvd has been rumored to be changing ownership. Sidelines from the old Princeton location has been rumored to be taking over. This too would be a great rumor if true. Stay tuned on this rumor though.

And finally, not a rumor but truth. Tyrann Mathieu, formally of the LSU Tigers has been dismissed from the team for violating team rules. Rumor does have it that he failed multiple drug tests. My thoughts are, he has made some dumb decisions to get kicked off the team. He is talented, more so as a return man than a defensive back, but he is a kid. Kids make mistakes and hopefully he will learn from them. If not, he could become another NFL thug with a police record. That is if he gets the chance to play in the NFL.

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