Thursday, August 30, 2012

SEC Picks,… Week 1


Well it is that time of year again. It is finally college football season. This one promises to be as exciting as years past with high hopes for many teams. I’m not going to go out on a limb this year and predict another LSU-Alabama game for the national championship like last year. I could never duplicate that kind of prophecy. I will say that the media wants an end to the SEC supremacy and that streak of 6 straight SEC teams winning it all will come to and end,… it just might not be this year. Onward to this weeks games in the SEC.

South Carolina at Vandy,… Normally I would say this would be a cake walk for Carolina. Vandy is much improved but the Gamecocks have the better talent. Game will be close but Carolina will pull away by a couple of td’s late. S. Carolina 31 Vandy 15

Tennessee at NC State,… This year could really put Derek Dooley on the hot seat. This game, although most have State picked to win, should go the Vols way. State is rebuilding the defense and the Vols will have a decent passing game. This one could go back and forth with Tennessee winning. Tennessee 24 State 17

Georgia/Buffalo,… Florida/Bowling Green,… Missouri/SE Louisiana,…. Arkansas/Jacksonville St,… Ole Miss/Central Arkansas,… Miss St/Jackson St,… All the SEC teams win and their foes get a nice check.

Auburn vs Clemson,… This should be a good game. Both teams have a starter suspended for the game. It could hurt Clemson worse but I don’t think so. Auburn will struggle because of the changes on offense and it could take a game or two to get the bugs works out. Then again, Dabo seems to lose games he should win. Game is too close to call for me, so I’ll flip a coin,… heads, auburn wins. The flip is in the air,……

Kentucky at Louisville,… They are both better basketball schools than football. Louisville will win this one on a 3 point shot,… late. Louisville 24 Kentucky 21

Alabama vs Michigan,…. Everything I’ve read, heard, seen, Bama has reloaded a defense that lost several starters. The offensive line should be one of the best in the nation. Keeping AJ Mccarron safe and keeping Eddie Lacy healthy all season will be key. In this game, the offense should fare well. Defensively Alabama will face a quarterback as dangerous as $cam Newton. Bama’s defense will have to play lights out all night if they are to have a chance to win. Ball control, field position and adjusting to what Michigan does on both sides of the ball will be critical. Games are won on the line of scrimmage. Bama will own both areas, on offense and defense. Bama will play containment defense because of QB Denard Robinson. This game scares me but its games like this is why Coach Saban makes the big bucks….. Bama 31 Michigan 14  

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  1. Thanks for the location map of the SEC teams.

    Northeast and Southwest parts?