Sunday, August 5, 2012

Vote Em All Out, With Video,…

Here are most of my choices for the Florence mayor and city council races. Some of the candidates couldn’t make it as stated in the videos but most of my personal choices did. We’ll begin with the mayor and then go through districts one through six,…

Florence mayor,…

District 1
District 2
Dick Jordan is running unopposed. Dick couldn’t make it because he was at the new WalMart site on Cloverdale Rd figuring out where he was going to park.
District 3
Larry Holt is running against Herman Graham. Florence defiantly needs new leadership in this area.
District 4
District 5
District 6
Thanks to the Shoals Chamber of Commerce for the nice work on the videos and publishing it on YouTube. In the words of the immortal Dick Biddle at the old WOWL TV station in Florence, “Be a good American, be an informed American.”


  1. Proud of Jimmy Oliver for being the kind of man that he is. It is refreshing to know a man of his character that is willing to serve.

  2. Proud to see someone like Jimmy Oliver running for a post. He has his priorities straight and would serve his district very well.