Sunday, September 9, 2012

Auburn Meltdown,….

Cowbells were ringing loud in Starkville MS as the Mississippi St Bulldogs won their first SEC opener since 1999. auburn, 2 years removed from a national championship, looked inept, confused and unprepared yesterday. If I were an auburn fan, the unprepared part would be what would concern me most. Because that goes back to coaching. They have had good recruiting and have good players. They just don’t seem to be being coached up. I always thought coach Malzahn  was the cog that helped auburn win. After an 0-2 start with him gone, that kind of solidifies my thinking.
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With the loss to MSU yesterday, the auburn fan forums are in meltdown form. Here are a few examples,….
- Yes, I'm pissed.  This one stings.  This isn't "aw shucks we aren't any good!" complaining.  We suck and we suck compared to Mississippi State.
- What the fudge was our identity?  What is our identity on offense?  What is it?  Does anybody know?  Because I don't.  I saw McCallebb run around the end and get blistered multiple times.  We kept trying to run that play and it worked very few times.  Is that our identity?
- Where was Tre Mason?  Oh, he rushed for 100 yards and was our brightest spot against Clemson, so let's make sure we take him out this week and get Blakely carries.  Not that Blakely looked bad.  I just wonder if something happened this week during practice to take so many carries away from Mason.
- I'm off the Chizik train.  I'm done.  He had the one year fluke with a senior laden, Tuberville recruited team led by Superman and Batman and got us our national championship.  He will be forever beloved and treated like a king in Auburn once he is no longer the coach.  But I'm sorry.  This team is last year's team except instead of White Cam and Jew Cam, we have Herp Derp Cam.
- When we fired Tuberville, we were making a statement.  Auburn was not going to settle for mediocrity.  You cannot be the coach at Auburn and settle for subpar recruiting and hope for your teams to meld together every few years and go on a nice three year run.  At Auburn, we would be competing for championships.
- When we hired Chizik, we thought Jay Jacobs let us down.  We'd embrace him as our coach and hope for the best, but I don't think anyone knew Chizik would bring us a championship.  But he did.  And we thought we were high livin'.  However, after last year and this year, something is wrong.
- Last year we got a letter from Jay Jacobs.  The letter said that we should expect to suck and that was okay because Chizik was building for the future.  Did we get a letter this year?  I may have missed it.  Did it say that we should expect to suck worse because Chizik was building for the future?
- Kiehl Frazier is worse than Kodi Burns.  He's worse than Chris Todd. He's worse than Clint Moseley.  At least with Moseley, he'd fall down fast enough to keep the clock moving.  The game would at least end quickly.  Frazier prances around like a retard and throws it directly to the other team.
- At least we didn't start a brawl at the end of the game.
- This is not like the 2007 season.
- The sky is falling.  War eagle.
These were actual postings of some disgruntled auburn fans. I copied and pasted these to remind Bama fans it wasn’t that long ago we were saying some of those same things. After yesterdays unimpressive win versus Western Kentucky, we could be in for some more of the same this year as well. I know we won 35-0 and caused 4 or 5 turnovers but AJ McCarron was sacked 6 times also,… with what is supposed to be one of the best offensive lines in football. I hope the number one ranking didn’t go to their heads and coach Saban was absolutely spot on with his rant towards the media, for this very reason.
On another note I wonder how Missouri feels about playing old man football now. Welcome to the SEC,… chumps. And do something with those uniforms. They look awful.

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