Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Bloggers Block,……

Well it has been 3 plus days since my last blog and it was just one of those deals where I couldn’t put anything down on paper. I call it bloggers block because I’m a blogger,… not a writer. Still feeling the need to put something on here,… I’ll share a project we did for a new customer.

The new customer is Peggy and she is expecting her first grandchild soon. She had a couple of pieces of furniture that she wanted glazed for the baby’s room. The base coat for the furniture was matched to the material that will be used in the room. I really do need to bring a camera to work as my cell phone camera just doesn’t do this justice,…

29e96e6785a5__1346076871000 (150 x 150)

This piece was Peggy’s when she was a child. It had a lacquer finish which needed to be primed first. It was made by the Bassett Co. which she didn’t know. There was a burned stamp inside one of the drawers. It had some sentimental value as well.

3c6e9d690dcd__1346160871000 (500 x 500) (150 x 150)

After the primer coat and now with the base coat. Prior to the glazing.


With glazing and a poly finish coat to seal the glazing. This photo doesn’t show the true color of the base coat partly due to lighting and partly because of my cell phone,… but you can see how the glaze took to the ridges. Her daughter came up from Birmingham to see it this past weekend and Peggy was a little nervous with thinking her daughter wouldn’t like it. She did and it will soon be on its way to B’ham. You can click pics to enlarge them,……

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