Sunday, September 16, 2012

Hurricane in Tuscaloosa?,…..


Ole Verne. Bless his heart. I guess he is just old. Maybe when I get old I’ll be forgetful and annoying too. But until then I’ll just continue to laugh at him and Gary.

Yesterday during Alabama’s thrashing of Arkansas, the CBS pair of blubbering idiots, Gary Danielson and Verne Lundquist continued their mastery of butchering players names. I learned that AJ McCarrons real name is TJ, Kevin Norwoods real name is Kenneth. Jessie Williams has a new last name, it is now Williamson. Jalston Fowler was Jason at one point then Verne tried to correct it but couldn’t pronounce, Jal stun. Tyler Wilson, the injured quarterback for Arky is now Travis. Not only did they get the names wrong, but we beat Western Michigan last week. It was Western Kentucky. Tuscaloosa had a hurricane. Bamas quarterback, when Verne did get his name right, was sacked by the Alabama defense. One of them, I don’t remember because I’m getting old, said Greg McElroy was the quarterback when Bama won last years national championship.

It has become apparent that CBS doesn’t care about the quality of their SEC broadcasts. Most of us who work for a living know that if you continually screw up at work, you get written up or worse. It is their job to get the names correct. I wonder how the two guys from the Sonic commercial would do as replacements for Verne and Gary?


  1. Absolutely, I laughed and laughed. I was so glad I knew something about football. I told my husband about you before the game article and he got a big kick out of the broadcast also. We should put them in the same category as the refs of the Denver/Atlanta game on Monday night. lol