Friday, September 7, 2012

Muscle Shoals Wins,… But Do They Really?

Before the season started, 5 star recruit Dee Liner was suspended for walking out of practice. Basically leaving the team on his own. Turning his back on the team he played on. Turning his back on team mates . Dee Liner was allowed to play against Russellville Friday night. A game in which Muscle Shoals won 43-0. I do not know how much he played but that isn’t the point. Dee Liner should not have been allowed to play all season. He demonstrated Benedict Arnold traits in his leaving the team during that practice. He was arrested twice in July but yet receives only a one game suspension for the arrests and leaving practice. Dee should have been taught a life lesson here and Coach Basden failed. On another blog post about Liner I got this comment
CaringCitizenAugust 18, 2012 11:52 AM
Dee's mother called him when she got stopped and asked him to come. He has always thought he could intimidate because of his size. I was hoping this coach could change his attitude somewhat. (I am a former teacher.)I had to deal with his parents who thought he should get away with all bad behavior and that any resistance on his part was my fault.
Not only did Coach Basden fail in teaching Dee Liner a life lesson,… he put winning at all cost above kids success in life. But Muscle Shoals defeated the Russellville Tigers 43-0,… and apparently that’s all that counts.

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