Thursday, September 13, 2012

SEC Picks,… Week Three,…


Florida at Tennessee,… Neither team is what it once was. Defense wins games and right now, the Vols seem at least to me to have the better one. Tennessee 24 Florida 17

Florida-Atlantic at Georgia,… The Dawgs taught Missouri what old man football was all about last week. School is still in session. Georgia 51 F-A 3

Western Kentucky at Kentucky,… Although WKU lost to Bama 35-0 last week, I came away impressed with them. The Wildcats had better wake up this week or WKU could make the home fans leave early. Kentucky 23 WKU 19

Arizona St at Missouri,… Home field advantage may play a part in this game. There should be a lot of points scored but I’m taking AZ St in this one. Hope another mud hole is stomped in Missouri. AZ St 41 Missouri 38

UAB at South Carolina,… Spurrier will play QB in the fourth,… South Carolina 48 UAB will need crutches.

Presbyterian at Vandy,… It’s the preachers versus the Big Bang Theory. Big Bang wins 32 Presby 10

Louisiana-Monroe at auburn,… Can Lou-Mon win two SEC games in a row? They beat #8 Arkansas last week and will play 0-2 auburn this week. That would be a tall order but,…. I’m going with Louisiana-Monroe. L-M 28 auburn 22

Idaho at LSU,…. Potaaaato patoto,…. LSU 492 Idaho 3

Texas at Mississippi,… I’ll be pulling for the Rebels but the Longhorns will win it,… UT 32 Mississippi 21

Mississippi St at Troy,… This might even be a tougher week for Mississippi St and last weeks win over auburn. I think Troy scores two TDs but it won’t be enough. MSU 35 Troy 14

Texas A&M at SMU,… Another reason religious schools should stick to religion and not football,… A&M 42 SMU 22

Alabama at Arkansas,… Look for the Hogs to try to avenge last weeks embarrassing loss to Louisiana-Monroe. Try is the keyword and as of this writing, Arky QB has not been cleared to play but it has been reported he is being evaluated by Dr Mickey Collins in Pittsburgh. With or without him it shouldn’t matter,… but for Wilsons safety he may need to sit out this week.

Alabama 35 Arkansas 17

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