Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly,…


I’m a Bama homer, I think by now that is well documented. But I am also a realist. Wins against Michigan and Arkansas were great wins but far from perfect. It wasn’t exposed at the time but those two teams were VERY highly over rated. Western Kentucky has been the best team the Tide has faced up to this point in my humble opinion. Florida-Atlantic would be hard pressed to win against Russellville, Deshler or Prattville.

Bama’s win yesterday was good, bad and ugly all rolled into one. The good being several aspects which include second and third teamers getting playing time which only adds to experience and depth. The good also includes Cade Foster and the kicking game. He seems to be much improved over last year. As does Jeremy Smelley on the shorter field goals.

The bad,… dropped passes. AJ McCarron put the ball on the money only to have several passes dropped yesterday. And a couple weren’t right on the money but were catchable. You gotta catch them guys.

The ugly has to include too many field goals instead of touchdowns. Against good teams, this could cost Bama a win. The ugly also includes the sideline penalty against Alabama instead of a warning first. The NCAA may have changed that rule but I haven’t heard or seen the rule change.

After yesterdays games,… I offer these assessments,….

auburn drops to 1-3 (should be 0-4), but I will at least give them props for showing up and playing tough against LSU, especially on defense.

LSU is the most overrated team in the country right now, Mettenberger may end up being a really good QB but surely didn't show much against auburn...they may have actually had a better team last year with Lee/Jefferson at QB and deep threat with Randle but season is still young.

Florida St. looks like a decent team, but their defense is as bad as Oregon's.

Oregon, needs a  defense.

Clemson self destructs like they do year after year.

Still early in the season, but Mark Richt may have saved his job for at least one more year (seem to say that every year now, usually just because he is a "nice guy"), Georgia looks pretty solid.

The Ole Ball Coach has South Carolina playing well, but I am sure they will blow a game they should win down the stretch just like they always do.

The Chrome Domers will be in the top 10 tomorrow (would be in the top 5 if the voters could find a spot for them since their other media darling USC has a loss). They are showing improvement...will give them that much.

Oklahoma is overrated as always, Stoops better pack his bags.

MS State may be the most improved team in the country from last year.

Ole Miss may have actually found a decent coach and are at least heading in the right direction. But like Florida St and Oregon, they need a defense.

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  1. Yesterday's Alabama game was not played with a lolt of intensity. On the other hand, Auburn almost handed LSU their collective butts!