Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Good,…The Bad,… and The Ugly, Ole Miss


This from my predictions of the game, last week,… “Ole Miss at Alabama,…. Bama’s defense will be tested this week. The Rebels will score. And score more on the Bama D than fans will want. Ole Miss has a good offense but little to no defense which will work in Bama’s favor. I don’t see it close late in the game but this one does scare me a bit. Alabama 39 Ole Miss 17”

That was a fairly accurate prediction. I’m starting to get good at this. But then I read predictions from other games I’ve made and have to regress.

Anywho,… The Good,… Bama won the game. It wasn’t pretty. The Tide trailed for 15 seconds for the first time since falling behind to Tennessee 3-0 in Oct 2011.

Amari Cooper had his coming out party receiving the ball and AJ McCarron played an ok game. No INTs were thrown. The defense looked good at times and the 3 INTs they got were probably the difference in the game. Special teams continue to improve.

The Bad,… Run blocking. The highly praised offensive line did not create holes for the running backs. In their defense though, it is hard for 5 guys to block 8-9 players. The tight ends missed several blocks on running plays. Play calling wasn’t up to par and the crossing patterns the receivers ran were too many.  Although effective, a good defense would have made this a closer game.

The Ugly,… Injuries. DeAndrew White, Deion Belue, Dee Hart and Ed Stinson all injured. White’s knee may sideline him for the season but I don’t want to speculate. Monday Tide fans should know more about those injuries.

While Bama has had the luxury the past few weeks of playing second, third and forth teamers, stamina played a bit of a role this week as Bama couldn’t substitute like they would normally. Give Ole Miss credit for that with their hurry up offense.

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